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There’s no shortage of innovation in construction. We had the opportunity to talk to some leaders in the AEC industry, who shared some insight into their breakthrough solutions. Take a look:

IMAJION’s Project xR® Platform

Content imajion beta testing project xr
Photo provided by Imajion.
IMAJION’s Project xR® software is a communications and collaboration platform that uses mixed reality HMDs, like the Microsoft HoloLens, to deliver real-time remote conferencing between project managers and outside project stakeholders. This real-time conferencing, called HoloConference, allows remote stakeholders to collaborate with contextual information pulled from existing project management software.

According to Charles Preuss, CEO of IMAJION, reduced travel time and streamlining workflows to get to faster decision making is a huge benefit to companies with jobsites all over the country. “We align effective communication across stakeholders, whether it’s clients, project managers, that are constantly checking in on multiple projects,” says Preuss. “We’ve built a new form of communication that will transform the way we work on a construction site.”

To help with complexity management, Project xR integrates with other project management solutions like Procore® to bring multiple daily driving programs into one platform for workflow automation. Users can then make decisions about progress, timelines, RFI, and change orders without having to travel to the site.

To learn more about IMAJION and Project xR, visit their website.

Autonomous Rovers Powered by Alive

Content alive drone beastskan era web
Photo provided by Alive.ai.
Alive is an enterprise platform that allows autonomous military-grade rovers to navigate jobsites at night, capturing progress data after hours. The rovers are designed to be durable and adaptable to the site with the ability to go up and down stairs and use 360⁰ cameras and laser scanners to capture as-built conditions.

“Autonomous rovers provide a wealth of information to people back at the home office and the boots on the ground,” says Danny Rodriguez, CEO of Animusoft, the company behind Alive. “[The contractors] can virtually walk the building on their laptop, so by the time they get to the jobsite, they know exactly where they need to go and what they need to do.”

Although not the manufacturer of these rovers, Animusoft configures them with an onboard computer, sensors, and additional hardware for autonomous navigation. Third-party plugins hang from the Alive cloud to provide analytics such as metrics on the quality and progress of a day’s build, or where the differences are compared to the BIM file.

Visit Alive.ai to learn more about autonomous rovers in the construction industry.

ClashMEP by BuildingSP

Described as “spell check for your work” by Brett Young, Founder and CEO of BuildingSP, ClashMEP is a real-time clash detection plugin for Autodesk® Revit® that takes multiple MEP data files stored in Revit® and analyzes them to check for clashes that need attention. The plugin then alerts construction teams to fix the clashes to help prevent rework down the road in the construction process.

Clash detection is a manual process that can be very time intensive. When ClashMEP is used, clashes in MEP systems are discovered in real-time. Project teams can then fix the clashes right in the system and minimize or eliminate a lag between updates that could cause confusion or miscommunication. User actions are also logged for follow-up and to help communication between teams.

For more information, visit the ClashMEP website.

Of course, technologies like these perform best with reliable Internet connectivity. Learn how the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi Access Points function and how they can extend WiFi from your jobsite trailer to the rest of the site here.